Sunday, February 21, 2010

A message

To all of you psp users, please see this message below:

Listen up! If you are the kind of player who likes a challenge, you must and I'll say it again, you MUST try these games: Bleach:Soul Carnival 2 and (Prinny, can I really be a hero).

I can guarantee these will be the hardest games that you will play in your miserable lives!

The trip to Australia

Until now I can still remember my trip to Australia:

The most fun part about Australia was when me and my friend's family went to a beach house, it felt so good, the comfartable everything, and they let us play a kind of video game.
The lame part was it was like a thousand years old!

Whenever I think of the sweet moments there, it is just... how do I put it?? Bottom line is it was the best trip I ever had!!!


aww man..
The exams are coming!!!! I feel so scared, but the worse part:UPSR!!!!!!!!.

My brain is hurting from all the reading, somebody, anybody..... HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Chinese New Year


This year's Chinese New Year was good and was bad

The good part was i finally got to play my cousin's nintendo wii

But(sigh) one of my favourite cousin won't come for the next few years because he went to the navy